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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)

Expert instructor directing the proper method of a take down

Benefits of our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Program

  • Burn a Ton of Calories and Stress
  • Build Confidence while you Get in Shape
  • Get a Great Workout in a Fun and Safe Environment
  • Learn Effective Grappling Technique for Self Defense – No Experience Necessary
  • Convenient to Short Pump, Glen Allen, and all of the West End of Richmond, VA

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has quickly become the fastest growing martial art, and for good reason. It is a grappling based style (no punching or kicking) which allows people to control or subdue an opponent with very technical joint locks and choke holds rather than size and strength. It is becoming standard training for both professional mixed martial arts fighters (UFC) as well as military and law enforcement members, and is designed for all ages and sizes.

In addition to being a highly effective martial art it is also a fantastic workout. You will constantly be in motion using your entire body, and will build the most amazing core strength and muscular endurance. The best part is you will be so focused on the techniques, the strategy, and the partner you are working with that you will never think of it as a workout.

Our program is taught by the highest level black belt in the area who has competed successfully in BJJ and MMA for most of the twenty years he has been training. He is also the most outgoing, friendly and supportive instructor you will ever find.

If you want to get in fantastic shape while also learning truly effective self-defense techniques, you may never find a better opportunity than this!