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Phoenix Fitness and Martial arts has one of the best strength/defense youth training programs I have found..I live on the south side and it is definitely worth the drive! GREAT group of people! Lisa F.

My son spent some of the preseason strength training at Phoenix and it was a very positive experience. He made some gains, learned good technique, enjoyed working with the staff, and was eager to get out the door and go there. KJ R.

Amazing facilities. Nicest gym I've ever been a part of.Jeffrey B.

Friendly and attentive staff with high staff to member ratio. Large variety of free weights and workout equipment. Mats and back rollers for yoga and stretching. BJJ and kickboxing floor. Mens and womens lockers and showers with towel service.Dale B.

Great place to train! Best jujitsu program in Richmond. 1st class facilities. They treat you like family.Jason H.

Love this gym- it has all the equipment you need for true functional training & conditioning, and the experts to train you how to use it all correctly. Love the small group training concept- you feel like you're working out with a tight group of friends.Myra R.

Seriously the best gym I have ever come to! The building is fantastic, the classes are insane! There is a real community here. Down to the little things. Some extremely inexpensive luxuries that most gyms would never even think to add. They have it all here. Samuel A.

The staff is friendly, and they've got a lots of weights, battle ropes, multiple bags, and a really awesome body scale that gives a print out of all your stats like BMI, muscle mass, etc.Vivian T.

Top notch facility. New equipment. Upscale locker room/showers. Excellent instructors that are highly knowledgeable, friendly, and attentive to their students. Friendly staff.Jeff F.