We are Ethan & Renee Chandler,

longtime Richmond residents and parents who worked for 20 years in corporate jobs before leaving to open this business. We felt our decades of experience in fitness and martial arts should be used to help others struggling to stay healthy and feel good about themselves.

It took the loss of my mother to brain cancer to finally wake me up and realize how short life can be. I needed to stop putting my corporate career ahead of my own health and start a new career helping others with theirs."

In 2015 we opened our doors and began transforming the lives of others. At first it was our closest friends and former co-workers who believed in us, trusted us, and became our initial success stories. Over time word has spread and we’ve helped hundreds of others get in shape and improve their self-image.

Today there are more commercial gyms and franchise fitness studios than ever, but there are also more people struggling with their physical and mental health. Our mission is to serve those who need a different solution. A place that combines the amenities of big gyms, the excitement of boutique studios, and the trust and comfort of a local family owned business.

If that’s what you’ve been looking for we’d love to welcome you to the Phoenix family.

– Ethan & Renee

Owners Ethan and Renee Chandler