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Youth Strength Training

Ethan instructing youth on the proper way to squat while holding weight.

Benefits of our Youth Strength Training Program

  • Improve Functional Strength and Athleticism
  • Learn How to Lift Weights Safely with a Certified Professional
  • Build Confidence & Better Self Image
  • Convenient to Short Pump, Glen Allen, and all of the West End of Richmond, VA

Our Youth Strength Training program helps youth build functional strength that will carry over to their sports and everyday activities. They are closely coached in a small group with emphasis on learning basic barbell lifts using proper form. They also learn the importance of eating right and getting good sleep in order to recover faster and make more progress.

This program is designed for boys and girls age 12 and up which is when they will start seeing the biggest benefits from strength training. Youth participating in this program will become stronger and more dominant for their sport, and will also gain more confidence and a better self-image.

  • Designed for children 12+
  • Both boys and girls will get stronger and more confident with this program