Everyone knows that getting in shape is hard. It requires motivation, commitment, willpower, effort, sweat and even a little pain. The very idea can be intimidating – which is why so many people find it hard to get started or stay on a fitness journey.

If increasing your physical activity, improving your fitness level, and taking off pounds all seem daunting to you, personal training offers a welcome starting point to a safe and effective exercise program designed to achieve your desired weight loss and fulfill your other health and fitness goals.

At Phoenix Fitness & Martial Arts, our personal trainers get to know you personally, and in consultation with you, will develop a comprehensive, safe, and effective workout routine customized to your needs and your individual health and fitness goals. Our personal training members typically seek increased physical activity, weight loss, strength training, and an improvement in their fitness level for greater stamina and endurance. In creating your customized plan, our certified exercise professionals also will factor in your other physical needs and health goals – for example, lowering blood pressure or cholesterol, managing diabetes or pre-diabetes, or increasing cardiac endurance

One-on-one personal training session with student squating while instructor directs.

Our members also tell us they love the friendly, family-oriented atmosphere at Phoenix, as well as the interesting and engaging workouts. At Phoenix, you won’t find rows of boring weight-lifting circuits or treadmills common at other gyms. Our personal trainers use free weights and body resistance for strength training and a blend of aerobic activities to improve cardio function, stamina, and endurance.

Get inspired by these personal training success stories!

Karen was 59 when she joined Phoenix and began working with one of our trainers. She wanted to lose weight and learn how to lift weights properly. She was drawn to our personal training gym after reading all the 5-star reviews, and once she met with the owners Ethan and Renee, she knew this would be the perfect fit for her. She discovered that her professional, caring trainer made sure she always used proper lifting form and the right amount of weight, which eased her initial apprehension. After just a short time, she began feeling stronger and healthier, and became more aware of how to move her body. As she gained strength and lost weight, she felt that everything in her life got easier. Now she loves working out and actually looks forward to it!

David was 53 when he came to us looking for help with his health. He wanted to keep up with his sons and still be able to do “young guy things.” A friend recommended Phoenix, and upon visiting our personal training gym, he found it professional, efficient, and friendly. His biggest challenge was fitting workouts into his very busy schedule; in the past he had always felt out of energy whenever he finally had time to work out. Working with his trainer, David finally found a flexible workout routine that stuck. David tells us he loves how our gym is set up to get him in and out with no waiting and no wasted time. He also appreciates the knowledge and encouragement he gets from his trainer, and the accountability that keeps him going when his motivation wanes. Now, David reports feeling more energized and experiencing less chronic pain throughout the day, and he’s relishing a newfound ability able to keep up with his sons and all the “young guy” things they can now enjoy together.

As these examples demonstrate, personal training can be just what’s needed to kickstart a regular fitness regimen. It’s particularly good for people with busy schedules who can’t always make a set class time, and for those who might be concerned about keeping up with others in a group class. Individual training can be tailored easily for people with no previous workout experience or those with a history of injuries or illness, providing a slow and cautious approach to begin. Additionally, personal training is age-specific and especially appropriate for older adults as frequency, intensity and types of exercises can all be specifically selected to match the trainee’s age and ability

Personal training can be scheduled in 30- or 60-minute time blocks.

And at Phoenix, we also offer personal training in our martial arts programs. Those who want to try boxing, kickboxing or Brazilian jiu jitsu but aren't interested in or able to attend the group classes, private lessons are a great way to learn quickly and safely.

If you’re having trouble starting or sticking to a workout routine, managing obesity-related health conditions, or losing or maintaining weight – or maybe all three? – give us a call. We’ll arrange a tour of our personal training gym and talk more about how our certified exercise professionals can jumpstart your fitness journey by providing you with an individualized plan, along with the support, encouragement, and accountability you need to finally work toward and achieve your goals. You can succeed – let us show you how!