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Three students learning proper boxing techniques while instructor demonstrates.

Benefits of our Boxing Program

  • Burn a Ton of Calories and Stress
  • Build Confidence while you Get in Shape
  • Get a Great Workout in a Fun and Safe Environment
  • Learn Real Boxing Technique for Sport or Self Defense – No Experience Required
  • Convenient to Short Pump, Glen Allen, and all of the West End of Richmond, VA

Boxing is a fantastic way to get in shape, learn new skills, and have an awesome time doing it. Whether it's punching a heavy bag, hitting focus mitts, or holding the mitts for a partner, you are constantly moving.

You will see improvements in your strength, endurance, and physique while also enjoying the best stress relief around - safely hitting things. :)

Our classes are taught by a highly qualified boxing instructor with years of experience competing and coaching others. Whether you hope to someday fight in the ring or just want to get in better shape, everyone will benefit from learning how to do each technique correctly. You will leave each class having improved your body and also your confidence with what you’ve learned.

Come check out a fun, fast paced workout taught in a supportive environment by the most knowledgeable instructor, and find out how great a real boxing program can be for you!