Our Total Strength weight training program is ideal for anyone who seeks to regain a youthful physique, build muscle, gain energy, stave off the effects of aging, and look years younger.


Our strength training program is for you if you:

  • Have noticed the physical and mental effects of your busy and often sedentary career or current lifestyle.
  • Used to play sports or be more active, but have fallen out of the workout habit.
  • Are experiencing consequences of inactivity, such as not fitting into clothes, feeling tired and achy, and struggling to keep up with your children.
  • Hope to prevent health conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure.
  • Feel stressed by your job, schedule, and/or family obligations.
  • Know you need resistance training as you age to offset muscle and bone density loss.
  • Left other gyms because you found them impersonal, crowded, confusing, or boring.
  • Seek customized information on fitness and exercise – not the bewildering babble on the internet.
  • Want personal coaching to design and maximize resistance workouts that fit into your schedule.
  • Need motivation, positive encouragement, and accountability.

Our small-group Total Strength workouts are professionally designed and expertly coached free weight resistance training for those wanting to add effective muscle building to their current workout routine. It works very well for people who already get cardio exercise through running or biking, and is highly adaptable to those who currently do little to no weight training.

Total Strength is perfect for those who don’t like going to a big, crowded, commercial gym filled with young bodybuilders. At Phoenix, you get small-group strength training with a personal coach in a friendly, supportive environment that helps keep you motivated and accountable.

Each Total Strength class provides 60 minutes of free weights training with an expert personal coach whose goal is to get you results in just three days per week. With Total Strength, you’ll build muscle, tone up, burn fat, and boost metabolism in fun and challenging small-group workouts. We train you in the safe and proper use of free weights, instructing you on form and the optimal weight level for you. We also offer alternate exercises for those with injuries or limitations, which keeps your body strong and injury free.

Every day, we hear from members who report that they feel stronger, have more energy, suffer less stress, and enjoy better moods and self-esteem. They also experience health improvements such as lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels as well as a reduced risk of diabetes.

Get inspired by these success stories!

Michelle joined Phoenix as a busy 45-year-old professional seeking to build muscle without putting on weight. In our weight training program she lost 11 pounds of body fat and gained 11 pounds of lean muscle. She now says that she feels she is in the best shape of her life.

Brian came to Phoenix at 39 after finally starting a weights training program on his own but seeing limited results. Under our guidance and coaching, he put on 12 pounds of muscle while lowering his body fat by 3%. He has reported a massive boost in energy and confidence.

These marked and measurable results are due to our supportive and friendly environment that helps to keep you encouraged, motivated and accountable. Unlike many commercial gyms, we get to know every member by name and become familiar with you and your specific goals. We’re a family-owned business, and us, our members are family. So we’ll notice if you’ve missed a few classes and we’ll reach out to find out how we can help and encourage. You’ll also make connections and even friendships within your small group, which in turn will provide you with even more motivation and positive support.

Finally, here’s one of the key benefits of our strength training program: You enjoy individualized access to a caring, supportive personal coach while sharing costs with others in your small group. Anyone who has ever hired a personal trainer at a commercial gym knows the expense involved, so this is a significant advantage! In our small groups you’ll get this one-on-one training feel in a positive atmosphere marked by a strong sense of community and a feeling of safety and belonging.

Today there are more commercial gyms and franchise fitness studios than ever, yet increasing numbers of people struggling with their physical and mental health. Our mission is to serve those who need a different solution in a place that combines the amenities of big gyms, the excitement of boutique studios, and the comfort and trust of a local family-owned business. Since our founding in 2015 and thanks to word-of-mouth testimonials from satisfied members, we’ve helped hundreds of people get in shape and improve their self-image through our strength training programs.

Getting started is the hardest part, but we make it as simple as possible. Contact us to schedule a tour and consult. Meet your personal coach and begin with one-on-one Starter Sessions to learn about free weights and proper form from a pro. Then continue your transformation with ongoing strength training.