Our small group Strength & Cardio training is perfect for men and women looking for a balanced, total body workout that maximizes the often-limited time they have available to devote to fitness and exercise.

Our combination high-intensity cardio and strength training program is for you if you:

  • Find yourself living a sedentary lifestyle.
  • Tried other gyms, but found them crowded, impersonal, boring, and even bewildering.
  • Seek accurate, personalized information on fitness, exercise, and lifestyle – and not from the cluttered and confusing internet.
  • Want expert guidance to get the most from the workouts you can fit into your schedule.
  • Recognize the need for weight training to offset loss of muscle and bone density due to aging.
  • Need motivation, accountability, and positive encouragement.
  • Require stress relief, relaxation, and a way to cope with anxiety, tension, and worry.
  • Long for a fitter physique that harkens to your youth, gives you energy to keep up with your kids, and sets you up for an active, healthy retirement.
  • Need to prevent or manage health conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes.

Man and woman working on the sled machine




The goals of our Strength & Cardio Group Training are to build muscle and gain strength, boost metabolism, and burn fat. Our members all tell us they feel stronger and more energized, suffer less stress, enjoy better moods, and have improved self-esteem as a result of our cardio exercise and resistance training workouts. They also report reducing their abdominal fat, normalizing their blood pressure, lowering their cholesterol levels, and lessening their risk of diabetes.

Our members regularly achieve sustainable results with just three 45-minute cardio and strength training days per week. That’s because our high-intensity interval training (HIIT) program is the perfect combo of cardio and strength exercise, and thus the most efficient and effective way to build muscle and get in shape for those who can only work out three days per week.

Consider these success stories:

Don, a 67-year-old retiree, came to Phoenix with a goal to become more active and lose a large amount of weight he'd gained during his sedentary working years. Using our interval cardio and strength training workouts, Don lost 75 pounds, got off blood pressure medications, and is thrilled to be able to enjoy active time with his family again.

Kimberly, a busy professional, came to Phoenix at 36 seeking to tone up, build muscle, and regain the athletic physique she once had. Kimberly used our interval cardio and strength training workouts to lose 15 pounds of body fat while adding 5 pounds of lean muscle. She now looks and feels better than she has since college.

These incredible results are due to our friendly, supportive environment that helps to keep you motivated and accountable. Unlike typical commercial gyms, we get to know every client personally – we know your name and are familiar with your specific goals. We’re a family-owned business, and to us, our members are family. So we’ll notice if you haven’t come for a while and we’ll reach out to offer assistance and encouragement. You’ll also make connections and even friendships within your small group, which in turn will provide you with even more positive support and motivation.

And, our weight training and interval cardio workouts are fun and fast paced, so you won’t get bored. Each HIIT-style workout is expertly designed to build muscle, boost metabolism, and burn fat – the building blocks to achieving your individual goals. We train you in the safe and proper use of free weights, instructing you on form and the optimal weight level for you. We also offer alternate exercises for those with injuries or limitations, which keeps your body strong and injury free.

We’re especially proud of our cardio training program. You won’t find banks of boring treadmills and elliptical machines at Phoenix. In our HIIT-style cardio workout program, you’ll get your heart rate up with battle ropes, ball slams, renegade rows, kettle bell swings, dumbbell thrusters, and sled pushes – all scaled from very low impact to high intensity according to your incoming fitness level and adapting as your fitness improves. These efficient techniques always incorporate strength components, so you get double the bang for your effort. They also are done in a timed format in which you compete only against yourself and your previous times, so you see tangible proof of your hard-earned gains.

Finally, you enjoy the benefits of a caring, supportive personal trainer while sharing costs with others in your group. In our small groups you’ll get a one-on-one training feel in a positive atmosphere marked by a feeling of safety and belonging, and a strong sense of community.

Today there are more commercial gyms and franchise fitness studios than ever, but there also are more people struggling with their physical and mental health. Our mission is to serve those who need a different cardio and strength training solution in a place that combines the amenities of big gyms, the excitement of boutique studios, and the trust and comfort of a local family-owned business. Since our founding in 2015 and thanks to word-of-mouth testimonials from satisfied members, we’ve helped hundreds of people build muscle, become more fit, get healthier, and improve their self-image.

Getting started is the hardest part, but we make it as simple as possible. Contact us to schedule a tour and consult. Meet your personal coach and begin with one-on-one Starter Sessions to learn the basics and try out the free weights. Then continue your transformation with ongoing high intensity cardio and weights training.